Junior Research Analyst

Location of position: Howick, KZN, South Africa

Employment Type: Full time

To undertake research and analysis on global and local economic trends and global and local individual companies.


• Assist the research analysts and portfolio managers with the creation and maintenance of the following reports / files on those
companies to which you have been allocated, with the aim of stimulating investment ideas and debate:

• Scorecard,
• Divisional analysis
• Factsheet
• Analyst matrix
• Annual report
• Saving / filing reports for reference
• Report back on news events etc

Above should be linked with prevailing strategist / house economic view.

• Create and maintain reports / files on selected global and local economic trends, with the aim of stimulating understanding and debate about the macro environment.

Assist portfolio management team with internal data analysis to identify variances from house view

Assist with:
• Preparing articles for publishing in Intuition that is both informative and educational.
• Preparing (not necessarily delivering) presentations (Powerpoint or otherwise) to inform clients through Insight investment seminars.
• Where appropriate, take part in other media engagements advancing the Harvard House brand and investment philosophy.
• Preparing educational and informative feedback for monthly Financial Consultant feedback sessions that empowers advisers to understand actions and rationale on client portfolios. These presentations should empower Financial Consultants to engage with confidence in the strategies implemented in portfolios.