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In 1972, Nigel Porter started what was then known as Porter Purbrick, an independent accounting and auditing firm. Since then, the initial accounting practice has grown and evolved into a niche financial services form, known as the Harvard House Group. The firm is an independent financial services group, based in Howick, providing a comprehensive range of financial solutions to clients, including accounting and tax services, asset management, short term insurance broking and financial & estate planning.

Harvard House Services

What makes us different

Harvard House has grown up in a small town where our clients were our friends and our friends were our clients. Even now Harvard House staff are likely to bump into a client while waiting in a queue at the local supermarket. This makes the values and manner of doing business highly important.

It is these values and this approach that separates Harvard House from others. Despite substantial growth the firm has strived to maintain this quality – people matter!

All businesses must be sustainable. Harvard House has strived to change many of the paradigms in the financial services arena to ensure both sustainability and value for money. This focus on the end user is evident in the quality of our staff, who we believe are exceptional.

Whether you are looking for Financial Planning, Investment, Tax, Accounting, Wills, Deceased Estate Management or Short-Term Insurance, don’t you think you should pursue an entirely different experience?

Investment Philosophy

The Harvard House approach to investment is built on a sustainable growing income stream. This leads to income protection in times of market volatility. This philosophy, combined with one of the best value for money fee structures available in the market for financial advice and active asset management, is a major client benefit.

Salaried Advisory Staff

Our Financial Consultants are salaried and quality driven. Our remuneration structures incentivise skill and excellence rather than sales. Our staff are carefully selected for their desire to impact lives and build solutions. This reinforces a client centric ethos which helps the client make quality decisions for long-term benefit.

Team Approach

Our current staff complement is made up of Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Masters in Economics, Certified Financial Planning professionals and numerous other undergraduate degrees. In addition, decades of experience all feeds into a team approach that ultimately benefits clients.

Continuous Professional Education

Harvard House is committed to continued quality. Part of how we achieve this is by regular training both individually and corporately. This leads to some of the broadest and detailed knowledge on a host of topics related to the management of finances, equipping staff to deal with a fast changing environment.

Holistic Approach

Often clients get piecemeal advice on just one aspect of the situation. This can leave them vulnerable to ‘unintended consequences’. Harvard House’s team approach allows for collaboration, rather than competition, resulting in a client solution which has taken into account multiple aspects and implications.

Add value for money

In a modern profit-driven world business are often more focused on the bottom line than service delivery. Harvard House pursues effect client solutions at exceptional value for money where the outcome is as important as revenue.

Your Harvard House Team

Latest Intuition

Intuition is the successful and hugely popular weekly investment publication for Harvard House. Written in a style that is accessible and easy to understand, the publication covers such diverse topics as the outlook for individual shares, the gradual decline of the US empire, gold, and so much more. With clients spread across the country, personal interaction on a regular basis is often not possible. Intuition allows all clients to stay in touch with our thinking on the markets.

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