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Intuition is the successful and hugely popular weekly investment publication for the Harvard House Group. Written in a style that is accessible and easy to understand, the publication covers such diverse topics as the outlook for individual shares, the gradual decline of the US empire, gold, and so much more. With clients spread across the country, personal interaction on a regular basis is often not possible. Intuition allows all clients to stay in touch with our thinking on the markets

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Other Presentations

Insight June 2021: Can You Trust Your First Thought?

Robin Gibson uses Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman’s book ‘Thinking Fast and Slow” as a launch point to examine common client investment perceptions.

The Barnsley's Harvard House Journey

We continue to walk with some of our customers that were there from the beginning, and in many cases, we are walking with the third generation. To celebrate this achievement, we have chronicled just one such family in a new 5-minute promotional video. It brought a lump to our throat, hopefully, it will to yours too.

Outlook for 2021

Michael Porter takes a look at the outlook for 2021.

August Insight: Panel Discussion

In what has become a tradition our August edition of Insight will address questions to a panel of Asset Managers on topical issues.

Dividends are Dead. Long live the dividend.

Robin Gibson examines the position of Harvard House investors in the world of Lockdown Economics and the Dividends famine of JSE listed companies. Robin develops the investment case for investors to stay the course in their portfolios and shows that the supposed lower risk alternatives would have been no better in the past and are at best risky for the future.

Listed Property Presentation - Part 2

In part 2 of our Property series, Michael Porter takes a slightly more technical look at two of Harvard House’s major holdings; NepiRockcastle and Fortress A.

Listed Property Presentation - Part 1

Watch as Robin Gibson delivers part 1 of this 2 part series on Listed Property. In part 1 he poses the investment and financial planning case for maintaining quality property holdings in spite of the sectors enormous plummet.

Insight Seminar: Covid 19 Lockdown - Putting Current Conditions Into Perspective

Watch our first virtual Insight Seminar as Michael Porter, Harvard House Chief Investment Officer, talks through the circumstances surrounding Covid-19, what we are experiencing and what we are watching closely on world markets.

Interview with Nick Rogers

Watch as Robin Gibson has a discussion with a Harvard House Asset Manager, Nick Rogers, on the market outlook.

Interview with Roy Lamb

Watch as Roy Lamb, Asset Manager at Harvard House, talks to Robin Gibson about some of the drivers in the Listed Property meltdown.

Interview with Willie Pelser

Watch Robin Gibson’s Special Intuition follow up interview with Willie Pelser, Harvard House Asset Manager and Chief Economist.

Interview with Michael Porter

Watch as our Chief Investment Officer, Michael Porter, talks with Robin Gibson on Harvard House’s perspectives on the Covid19 Global Crisis and the impact on share portfolios.

The Outlook for 2020

“Give me hope, Joanna”

Addressing Some Investment Myths

Perception is Reality

2019 Midyear Market Update

Waiting for those elusive green shoots….

The Outlook for 2019

Not déjà vu again?)

Latest News

Consumer spending. Is it just a rainbow?

Many businesses, large and small, have a huge source of great ideas that can help them improve, innovate, and grow, and yet so many of these companies never think of using this amazing corporate asset. What is this highly valuable asset? Its own people.

Read More »

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