Bruce Fannin

Bruce has over 30 years of auditing experience serving on different roles and locations, He has spent over 30 years of his career with Deloitte & Touche in various managerial roles within their many locations around the country. This included heading up the Deloitte & Touche audit division, Johannesburg branch, where he focussed on high growth clients.

Mid-2016 Bruce joined Harvard House in the financial services division to head up the much anticipated Johannesburg branch office planned by the Group. He aims to use his skills in market analysis, strategic investments and financial assessments to support the growth of clients’ portfolios.

Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, and schooled at Hilton College, Bruce enjoys cricket and rugby and is an avid Sharks’ fan. He is a keen hockey player and recently represented the over 60’s SA Grandmasters’ hockey team in Newcastle, Australia.

When not on the sports field, Bruce enjoys spending time with his family, friends and his church group and having a few minutes of shut-eye on a Sunday afternoon.

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