Natalie Caldecott

Natalie grew up in Hillcrest & Pinetown and moved to Howick, after getting married in 1995. Upon arriving in the Midlands she joined Permanent Bank as a temp teller. However, her dedication and hardworking nature saw her quickly work her way up to Investment Adviser and second in charge to the Branch Manager.

In 2006 she joined the Harvard House Group initially as a receptionist. In view of her commitment to making a difference to clients’ lives and her compassionate nature she was shortly thereafter appointed as a Junior Estates Administrator. She thrived in this role and in 2011 she was appointed as a Senior Estates Administrator.  Natalie is responsible for handling various aspects of deceased estate administration from reporting an estate to the Master’s Office to the final distribution of the estate to the beneficiaries. She has sound experience in administering complex estates and extensive exposure to high value estates.

Natalie believes that, since everyone deals with grief differently, the key is to meet each person where they are in their grief. She believes that kindness, honesty and patience are important qualities one should possess in her line of work.

Natalie who is an accomplished artist, lives with her husband Kevin, two daughters, Megan and Ashleigh, and their dogs in Howick. As a family, they enjoy spending time cycling, taking their dogs swimming and caravanning in places like the Berg. On her own, she enjoys reading and baking.

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