Estate Planning

There is never any point in growing wealth without a plan for its succession. As such many of our investment clients choose to have us build their estate plans and execute their wills. This is born out the confidence that has developed in the way we have handled their investment portfolios.

From complex structures such as trusts and holding companies to the simplest of wills the Harvard House Group is adequately skilled with every resource to optimise client’s financial affairs. Harvard House Group has a dedicated deceased estate department with experience in executing hundreds of wills for clients of diverse situations. This experience is essential to minimize the length of time taken to settle estates in the current bureaucratic environment and it also allows our professional and accessible staff to bring understanding and consideration to what, at time, is an unmanageable situation for your beneficiary.

The group has extensive knowledge and experience in the structuring of estates to achieve the optimal balance between the opposing forces of simplicity, tax minimization and cost effectiveness. More specifically, we specialize in:

  • Extensive estate and tax planning.
  • Drafting and safe keeping of wills
  • The administration and winding up of a person’s estate from death to drafting and lodging the liquidation and distribution account and distribution of assets, dealing with various government and municipal offices to finalize the estate.

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