Investment Management

Harvard House Investment Management (Pty) Ltd is a private client asset manager, serving primarily the local Natal Midlands market, but with an increasing presence in the larger metropoles of Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town as well. The investment philosophy of growth at a reasonable price, with a heavy emphasis on income and importantly, increasing income yields over time, has proved popular with both retirees who are looking to live off their investments, and younger investors who appreciate the benefit of growth through compounding income.

Our range of products include:

  1. Tailored discretionary portfolios, covering both local and offshore markets.
  2. Tailored investment portfolios within non-discretionary, regulated products, such as living annuities, retirement annuities and preservation funds.
  3. Unit trusts
  4. Tax free savings accounts

Private Clients

Private client wealth management is a core focus of the Harvard House Group. Years of experience has proved that our investment philosophy of growth at a reasonable price, with a heavy emphasis on increasing income yields over time, is a consistent and guaranteed methodology to accumulating long term wealth.

Each client is an individual with specific needs and requirements, and we treat each client as such. Whether its long-term growth for retirement, income to meet monthly living, or any combination of the above, we will tailor a specific investment portfolio to meet your needs, based on our tried and proven investment philosophy.

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