About Us

What Makes Us Different

Harvard House has grown up in a small town where our clients were our friends and our friends were our clients. Even now, Harvard House staff are likely to bump into a client while waiting in a queue at the local supermarket. This makes the values and manner of doing business highly important.

It is these values and this approach that separates Harvard House from others. Despite substantial growth, the firm has strived to maintain this quality – people matter!

All businesses must be sustainable. Harvard House has strived to change many of the paradigms in the financial services arena to ensure both sustainability and value for money. This focus on the end user is evident in the quality of our staff, who we believe are exceptional.

Our History

In 1972, Nigel Porter started what was then known as Porter Purbrick, an independent accounting, and auditing firm. Since then, the initial accounting practice has grown and evolved into a niche financial services form, known as the Harvard House Group. The firm is an independent financial services group, based in Howick, providing a comprehensive range of financial solutions to clients, including accounting and tax services, asset management, short-term insurance broking, and financial & estate planning.

Since 1995 all asset management activities have been conducted through Harvard House Investment Management (Pty) Ltd, which is registered with and is regulated by the Financial Services Conduct Authority.

Prior to 1995, local regulations did not require investment and portfolio management businesses to be separately licensed and, as such, the operations fell under the auspices of the chartered accountancy practice.

In effect, the Group has been involved in the asset management business since its inception in 1972, even though Harvard House Investment Management was only established as a separate legal entity in 1995.

Our Vision

To be an integrated, professional and caring team that promotes financial well-being at exceptional value.

Our Mission

To leverage the team’s network of expertise, technology and human relationships to educate, assist and empower people to achieve their financial objectives.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Transparency & Clarity
  • Caring & Loyalty
Humble Beginnings

Nigel Porter started what was then known as Porter Purbrick, an independent accounting and auditing firm.

First Official Registration

Four Oaks Investments is registered as official asset managers.

First Acquisition

Beryn Financial Services is incorporated into the Group.

New Family
A new family is born

Four Oaks Investments and Beryn Financial Services are rebranded to Harvard House Investments Management, and Harvard House Financial Services Trust respectively.

New Brand
A new brand is born

Porter Purbrick was rebranded to Harvard House Chartered Accountants.

First Milestone
First major milestone

Number of individual portfolios exceeds 1000.

Another Registration
Another registration achieved

Harvard House Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd is registered as a short term insurance broker.

First recognition

Assets under management reach R5 billion for the first time. The Group wins Raging Bull and Morningstar awards for the performance of its unit trusts. The Harvard House BCI Property Fund is launched later that year.

Footprint expanded

The Group establishes a permanent presence in Johannesburg.

Further Recognition

The Harvard House BCI Property fund wins a Raging Bull (the first of what will become a Hattrick)

Improving Client Service

Harvard House releases it’s unique consolidated reporting system and Client Base Manager used to provide exceptional client service.

The deceased estates department exceeds the 200 active estates mark.

Footprint Expanded Further

A permanent presence is establish in Somerset West to service a growing Cape client base.