Wills & Estates

Wills & Estate Planning

Planning your Estate is one of things nobody really likes to contemplate. Death, however, is a reality we all face and often it comes with no warning. Preparation, like with almost anything else successful, is crucial. Ensuring that your Will reflects a carefully thought out Estate Plan should never be left to chance. Harvard House has the necessary skills to understand both the legalities and the practicalities associated with winding up estates. These skills are crucial in crafting a suitable Will.

Therefore whether you have a complex or simple Estate, shouldn’t you be giving our experienced team a call?

Administration of Deceased Estates

Harvard House Estates department is a dedicated team of specialists who at any one time are winding up over 100 deceased estates and have over 20 years of successfully administering estates. The winding up of an estate seems incredibly simple to the eye, however it requires a working knowledge of the Administration of Deceased Estates Act, the Income Tax Act, the Estate Duty Act just to name a few. In addition, the requirements of the Master of the High Court is exacting and precise. The Harvard House team possess these skills and manage the hurdles in their stride.

While extremely efficient in the process, what separates Harvard House is the exceptional empathy and caring with which our staff interact and serve the beneficiaries. This is evidenced by the high number of client compliments paid to this team over the years.

If competence and compassion are top of your list for your Executor, then you should be engaging with the Harvard House team to either draft your Will or act as Agent on any Estate you may have been appointed to execute.

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