Social Investments


For the past several years, Harvard House has partnered with Singakwenza in the incredible work they are doing with early childhood education.

As part of this, our office is a collection point for specific recycling material which forms the resources for the amazingly clever educational toys that are created to develop pre-schoolers in many of our townships. In addition, we, as a company, both run and contribute to an investment portfolio that has been created to ensure Singakwenza is both financially stable and sustainable into the future.

It is a privilege to partner with this organisation in their efforts to develop our country from a grass roots level. The passion and commitment of their team is infectious and we have no doubt that the scale of their true impact will never really be fully understood.

If you would like to invest into Singakwenza’s sustainability portfolio, please contact us for banking details. Singakwenza will issue a Section 18A certificate for all donations received.

Harvard House loves Howick and the Howick community. For this reason, we have joined with Love Howick to help transform Howick for the better.

Love Howick has a strong desire to create a sense of community in Howick where values, family, integrity and respect are celebrated by all. They want to help Howick prosper through various projects aimed at improving education, social upliftment and economic development. Harvard House sponsors some of these projects, especially those aimed at the upliftment of the Howick Falls area for all locals and tourists.