Personal Retirement Report

A comprehensive professional assessment of your retirement planning including setting goals, determining needs, interrogating investments and costs and highlighting concerns.

“Very few people intend to not have a substantial retirement plan, however even less take the time and effort to do some focused planning into this part of their future. Many wake up or retirement’s doorsteps and find they could have done some basic things quite differently to achieve a better result.” 

Harvard House Director with more than 30 years of guiding retirees.

What To Expect:

This 18-page report is the perfect tool for you to assess where you are in the journey. The fee includes an engagement with a qualified Harvard House financial consultant who will establish both your retirement expectations (or help you set them) plus your current investment assets and contributions. Thereafter they will produce the retirement report and take you through it (if you wish) to guide you as to some of the key areas mentioned below. The report will provide a handy guide as to where your focus should be, or even just how to start. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to invest in yourself, complete the response form below today!

  • How much is enough, calculating the number required for a chosen lifestyle?
  • How to get there, the contributions needed to drive towards the objective?
  • How far have you got, an assessment where you are on the route?
  • Are you in the right investments to achieve the goal?
  • Are costs unnecessarily eroding your efforts?

The Race To Retirement

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For individuals over the age of 50 years (due to increased complexity and likely research required by the financial consultant) R 6,000 incl Vat
For individuals under the age of 50 years R 4,500 incl Vat

No obligation exists to invest or have a ongoing business relationship with Harvard
House, however a discount may be offered for clients who elect to further use the
Group’s services

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