Retirement Presentation - Online

Like age, retirement sneaks up on us. A bit like tidying that backroom cupboard…..you’ll get to it one day.

Harvard House currently services close to 2,000 retirees, and we’ve been doing this for over 50 years. You can do the maths and consider what we may have learned in that time. Our experience is that people are largely uninformed and come in underprepared, in a lot of ways. As the saying goes, ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’.

We invite you to educate yourself! In this free presentation, we will highlight at least 5 things you should be thinking about for a successful retirement. Whether you are retired, about to retire, or 10 years from retirement, you will certainly come away better equipped.

These presentations offer clients the prime opportunity to refer individuals who would benefit from the group’s award-winning asset management philosophy, high integrity, and personalised service. We intend to request the attendees to complete a questionnaire and as part of this will question whether an existing client has introduced them or referred them to Harvard House.  

Date: 27 July 2023
Time: 10am / 6pm
Location: Zoom